Ways to Save Energy on the Road

Did you know that cars are responsible about for one quarter of all UK carbon gas emissions? And besides raising the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, motor vehicles are also a major contributor to air pollution including smog that has been shown to have a devastating effect on human health and increase the risk of a number of health problems, especially those involving the lungs and airways.

By saving energy on the road you will help lower carbon emissions and save money on petrol as well as help reduce health damaging air pollution. But how to reduce consumption of petrol? Here are a few ways to save energy on the road without giving up your vehicle:

Buy fuel-efficient vehicle. Is it time to replace your old vehicle? If so, be sure to pay attention to fuel-efficiency when comparing the extras and prices between different cars. Most manufacturers nowadays pay a lot of attention to fuel-efficiency of their vehicles but some are more successful than the others. Also worth considering are hybrids which are expected to become the vehicles of the future. You could always treat yourself to a brand new plate with the huge amount of mioney you will save on petrol!

Maintain your car. Proper car maintenance helps reduce fuel consumption for up to 10 percent which translates into 10 percent less emissions that harm both the environment and human health. So have your car checked by a mechanic on a regular basis, together with changing the oil and make sure that your tires are inflated.

Avoid quick stops and starts whenever possible. Rapid accelerations and stops can increase your fuel consumption for up to 12 percent. So try to anticipate accelerations and stops whenever possible.

Drive within the speed limits. That way you won’t only avoid a potential speeding ticket but you will also burn less petrol and emit less carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. You can save up to 17 percent petrol by driving 55 mph instead of 70 mph.

Travel light. It’s quite obvious. The heavier you are, the more petrol your vehicle burns. So don’t travel with any unnecessary items in your boot.

Carpool. Does your neighbour go to work in the same firm or nearby at the same time everyday? If so, you are recommended to suggest him or her to carpool. That way both of you can save a considerable amount of money and dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

Ride a bicycle or walk. Although we promised to show you how to save energy on the road without giving up your vehicle, it is sometimes more economical to leave it in your garage or parking lot instead. For example, you don’t really need to drive to the grocery to buy milk or bread if it is only around the corner. Instead, ride a bicycle or walk to short distances.