The Importance of Saving Energy

Save Energy to Save the Environment

Most of the energy we all use on a daily basis is generated by fossil fuel burning, including electricity. And this comes with a high price. Fossil fuel burning has dangerously increased the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is thought to be the number one cause of global climate change. And with increased pressure on the traditional energy resources by the developing economies, the world is at risk of an environmental disaster if we all don’t start to behave more environmentally responsible.

At the current rate of energy consumption, we are facing rising of the sea levels, retreat of the glaciers, more frequent extreme-weather events, ocean acidification, dramatic changes in precipitation pattern and amount, and mass species extinctions. The good news is that we all can make a difference and help reverse climate change today by saving energy.

Energy Security

Fossil fuels aren’t only seriously harming the environment but they are also unsustainable in the long term. They are available in limited amounts and as a result, we will run out of coal, oil and natural gas one fine day. And according to many experts, we have already reached peak oil a few years ago which means fewer and fewer barrels will be available in the future. This makes most countries including the UK vulnerable to energy insecurity which won’t only have a devastating effect on the economy but may also lead to social unrest and political instability.

The solution are sustainable and environmentally friendly energy resources such as solar energy, wind power and tidal power, to mention only a few. But to be able to switch to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy resources, we need time to make the technology more efficient and economically feasible. To win the time needed to achieve independence from fossil fuels, it is therefore crucial to be more responsible with energy use.

Lower Energy Bills

If you think that your energy bills are outrageously high, you better act promptly because they will only get higher. Energy is actually still relatively cheap but it won’t remain cheap for long due to increased demand for energy and dangerously decreasing supplies. So if you want to lower those bills, you are highly recommended to take steps to reduce your energy consumption. And don’t worry, you will still be able to enjoy all the comfort of modern lifestyle. Following a few simple ways to reduce your energy consumption and maintain it low won’t affect your lifestyle any way but it will bring dramatic energy savings and subsequently, lower energy bills as well.